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This pendant cross is made by the example of a 11th – 12th century hand cross of bronze made in Ani.
12,000 AMD

Breast ornament

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The bases of the breast ornament is the ornament of the 22nd-21st cc. BC found in Karashamb, in the centre of which is a reddish-brown milky-veined agate pendant of an irregular oval shape.
125,000 AMD


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According to the ceremonial rite, each cross used in religious worship must be revered, blessed and anointed in five places: the centre and the four arms, i.e. the Eye, the Crown, the Stem, the Right Arm and the Left Arm. Usually a precious stone or a stone of little value, occasionally a relic, is placed in the Eye.
19,000 AMD
This necklace of exquisite taste is a reproduction of the breast adornment with gold and cornelian beads, which has come down to us from the period of 22nd- 20th centuries BC (Karashamb).
119,000 AMD
The pendant is made  by the example of a tetradrachm of Tigran the Great of 95-55 BC, found in the excavations of Sarnakunk.
14,000 AMD
This peculiar pendant cross is remarkable for its exquisite details.
26,000 AMD
This elegant cross is made  by the example  of the 5th-6th century  pectoral cross found in Dvin.
17,000 AMD
The pendant was made by the example of the disc-shaped bronze adornment, symbolizing the sun, which has come down to us from the 12th – 11th centuries BC.
7,000 AMD
This specimen is made reproducing the detail that shows planet Earth on the solar system model of the 12th – 11th centuries BC, found in Sevan Basin.
5,500 AMD
The chased bronze plate represents a model of geocentric solar system the specimen of which is the bronze symbolic model of the solar system dating back to the 12th-11th cc. BC, found in Sevan Basin.
11,000 AMD


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Temple adornment with a coiling snake in the middle of the circle. It was found in the village of Getashen in Artsakh in 1972.
25,500 AMD

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