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Bird-Shaped Bell

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The hollow  statuette is cast and represents a bird perched on an anchor-shaped base stand; it is an imitation of a  bronze  statuette of the 15th-14th centuries BC, excavated from Lchashen.
85,000 AMD
This ornamented dagger of bronze is made, reproducing the single cast dagger, dated from the 13th – 12th centuries BC and found at the excavations of Artik.
47,000 AMD
The statuette of a nude woman with a broken head is reproduced from a clay figurine, dated from the 4th millennium BC and found at the excavations of Agarak.
8,000 AMD
The statuette is reproduced from a Mokhrablour figurine, dated from the end of the 4th millennium BC.
7,500 AMD

Goblet ritual

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This exceptional goblet is reproduced from the silver goblet made in chasing, found at the excavations of Karashamb and dated from the 22nd – 21st centuries BC.
117,000 AMD
This statuette of a graceful woman is reproduced from a woman’s marble statue (Aphrodite) of the end of the 2nd century and the beginning of the 1st century BC, found at the excavations of Artashat.
9,000 AMD
This statuette is reproduced from the bronze figurine, which is dated by the 9th century BC and found in Tavush. The figure represents a standing man. He is tall, with an emphasized phallus.
22,000 AMD
This statuette of a wolf is reproduced from the figurine cast in bronze, which is dated by the 6th – 5th centuries BC and found at the excavations in Ayroum. The wolf and the dog are connected with the underworld.
16,000 AMD

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