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This silver adornment, made by the example of the 12th-11th century BC model of the solar system, was found from the Sevan Basin.
15,000 AMD
The breast adornment is made with the motifs of the armband  clasp of Shatakh district of Van province. The Breast Adornment is  made of silver. It is handmade in the technique of filigree.
28,500 AMD
The presented fibula is made in resemblance with the pin which was applied in Western Armenia at the end of the 19th century: with red zircons and cultured pearls.
60,000 AMD
The silver breast adornment is made in resemblance with a plate-cap, it is handmade.
65,000 AMD
A pair of shamshiks, fixed on the shoulders of a garment and hanging on both sides, was one of the most widespread ornaments in Western Armenia.
25,000 AMD

Bronze fibula

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This bronze fibula with a needle-like rod termination is a reproduction of the one, found in Astghadzor, which is made of a chased bronze plate and is  dated from the 12th  – 11th  centuries BC.
8,000 AMD

Sword fibula

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The fibula was made in the likeness of a sword presented to General Andranik Ozanyan by Egyptian Armenians.
72,000 AMD

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