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The book will be of interest to people who study folk culture and to the general public.
12,000 AMD
This catalogue aims to show what kind of jewellery Armenian women had and how they wore them. The catalogue also explains the meaning and significance of Armenian jewellery and the way it was spread in different countries. It stresses the importance of drawing the attention of modern Armenian jewellers to the national roots of their craft.
14,000 AMD
This pendant cross is made by the example of a 11th – 12th century hand cross of bronze made in Ani.
12,000 AMD
The catalogue presents household and ecclesiastic metal items that are kept in the History Museum of Armenia.  The collection includes highly artistic works of Armenian metallurgical masters from different historical regions of Armenia.
18,000 AMD
“A Glance from the Bronze Age” album – catalogue, Yerevan,
8,500 AMD
Catalogue-album, Yerevan, History Museum of Armenia, 2018- 288 pages /Armenian-English/
8,000 AMD
Treasures from the History Museum of Armenia- Yerevan, History Museum
15,000 AMD
“History Museum of Armenia: Permanent Expositions” album – guidebook, Yerevan,
4,500 AMD
This specimen is made reproducing the detail that shows planet
7,000 AMD
The Etymology and Semantics of Ornaments in Armenian Carpets History Museum
4,000 AMD
This silver adornment, made by the example of the 12th-11th
15,000 AMD
“The State History Museum of Armenia Catalogue”, St.
5,000 AMD

Leather wallet

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The wallet is made in the likeness of an image
20,000 AMD
The pendant was made by the example of the disc-shaped
7,000 AMD
This elegant bracelet is a reproduction of a gold bracelet,
11,000 AMD
“Sylloge Nummorum Armenorum. Armenia. Cilicia. Vol. 5. Հ. 5. Levon
5,000 AMD